Verse of the Day - Plus is a daily Bible reading program with a difference. Designed with you in mind and built around what lots of people like you asked for, VOTD+ is not just a daily Bible reading program, it is a learning community - growing and sharing in the Word each day.

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VOTD+ is delivered to your email account each and very day. This gives you maximum choice and flexibility where and when you read it; whether out for a cup of coffee, commuting to or from work, or sitting at your computer at home. VOTD+ is a complete resource, offering text, commentary, expert opinion, maps and pictures (where appropriate) and links into the Bible for further study. VOTD+ has short series on themes or books of the Bible, sometimes works sequentially through a longer passage, and sometimes just shares verses that seem particularly appropriate for the day, the season or current events. VOTD+ is sensitive to the calendar (biblical, Jewish and Church) to include material that is always appropriate and revelant. Recent material has included Psalm 1 and a verse-by-verse walk through the Lord's Prayer in Matthew chapter six.

Every day's package contains:

  • the text for the day; one of two verses from the Bible, included in full in whichever translation or version offers the best reading of the original langage

  • notes about the Hebrew or Greek text, structure or vocabulary if that seems appropriate for the day

  • important words in the text are hyperlink references to on-line dictionaries so that we can be sure that we know what the words we are reading actually mean and to see their full range of meaning

  • a short section of commentary to spark interest and provide a context of background for the text, but leaving plenty for you to think over

  • a scholarly comment or quote from a well known scholar in the field or expert on the subject or book; this always has a full citation and access details so that you can follow it up on-line, at home or in a library if you want to know more

  • pictures or maps where appropriate to provide setting and context for the reading

  • suggestions for further study - each suggestion has a question or a comment and the reference is a hyperlink to Bible Gateway so one click (or touch) and you can see the passage right there

  • an application or challenge based on the text, providing further ideas to consider or ways in which you might put something into practice if the text has spoken to you

  • a complete audio recording of the day's content so that you can listen as well as reading; ideal for connecting on the move!

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We offer feedback and community learning in two important ways. Firstly, you can just hit 'reply' to any of the daily emails and let us know what you are thinking, how the passage made you think, or to bounce ideas. We'll do our best to get back to as soon as we can. Secondly, we have a private closed facebook group where we discuss all the passages and ideas. One of the editors drops in regularly to ask a few questions and field any comments, so the group can learn and grow together as we work through the verses.

VOTD+ is an incredibly affordable subscription service, with just one low payment each calendar year. This goes towards covering the costs of the infrastructure, collation/editing, scholarly resources and research. You can join VOTD+ right now for a whole year - just click on the button below:

We'd love you to stay in touch and help as we develop and roll out this new initiative to encourage people in reading the Bible.
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