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Our directors are Jonathan and Belinda Allen. Jonathan completed his PhD in Theology at Trinity College, Bristol, in 2017 and has been teaching adult classes for nearly twenty years. Something of a Hebrew Bible specialist, although equally at home in the Apostolic Writings, Jonathan teaches biblical Hebrew and many other things covering a wide range of subjects from biblical criticism to the gospels, to studies of individual books, and practical subjects like prayer and how to read or study the Bible.

Jonathan and Belinda have been involed with church leadership and development for over thirty years. Jonathan has also been involved with helping other ministries develop their websites, looking after content generation and formatting as well as correspondence and donor relationships. Belinda and Jonathan have been married for nearly forty years and have four adult children.

Spreading The Word Online started in March 2018 and launched its initial range of ways to connect with the Bible in the following months. Please send us an email (STW) to give us your name and email address if you would like to be receive periodic newletters and information about our new products.

Jonathan and Belinda are affiliated with the Tikkun global family of ministries.