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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Jeremiah 20:1-2

Jeremiah 20:1-2 Now Pashhur the priest, the son of Immer, who was chief officer in the house of the LORD, heard Jeremiah prophesying these things. Then Pashhur beat Jeremiah the prophet, and put him in the stocks that were in the upper Benjamin Gate of the house of the LORD.

And sometimes - dare I say, ofentimes - the word of the Lord is not received, but is instead rejected, to the cost of the one who brought the word. Are we prepared for that and what should our response be? Can we do better than Jeremiah, who called down the Lord's vengeance upon his tormentors? Can we hear Yeshua's words to pray for our enemies and seek their forgiveness and blessing in spite of the way they have treated us?

Posted By Jonathan, 5:00am Comment Comments: 1

Wednesday, 29 May 2019
Comment -

Parts of the church today don't want to hear what the Lord is saying and the cost of pointing out they are not listening can be painful and difficult. Outside of the church many don't want to hear and, interestingly enough, the repercussions of pointing that out are often less than from within the church.

Posted By Chris Roe 08:15am