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Monday, 12 August 2019

Jeremiah 30:2

Jeremiah 30:2 Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel: Write in a book all the words that I have spoken to you.

There were lots of practical reasons why this needed to be done - amongst them that the king would burn the scroll. But why else might Jeremiah need to have all these words written down? Perhaps one answer is: accountability. For Jeremiah himself, that he had faithfully spoken everything the Lord had given him to say. For the Lord, that there was a tangible record of what He had said. For the king, as a source of indictment.

We need accountability in our words, so that we can be seen to be consistent in what we do and say, so that the Lord is glorified in our steady and consistent obedience before Him, and for our opennness and transparency in the world.

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