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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Luke 5:22

Luke 5:22 When Jesus perceived their thoughts, He answered them, "Why do you question in your hearts?"

We can see two shocking things from this verse. Firstly, Jesus knew what his critics were thinking in their hearts. They hadn't had to say a word or even move their faces. He just knew. Do you know that He knows what is in your heart right now (or any other time) without you having to say or do anything. He just knows. This calls for more honesty. If He knows anyway, we need to admit where we are and be open in our relationship with Him. We cannot hide and attempts to do so just block and frustrate the conversation.

Secondly, He answered. What a remarkable verb. He answered them; He responded to their unspoken (but thought) questioning and challenging. We need Jesus to answer us. If He answered them, who weren't trying to communicate, how much more will He answer us when we do try to communicate. However imperfect or hesitant we may be about what we say, He wants to respond and to maintain relationship with us.

What does it mean? Speak up, speak out and listen for the reply. Jesus wants to talk with you!

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