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Thursday, 15 August 2019

Luke 5:28

Luke 5:28 And leaving everything, he rose and followed Him.

The 'he' is the tax collector named Levi; the 'Him' is Jesus. Jesus has just called Levi, who was sitting in his tax booth, collecting tax, to come and follow Him: to be a disciple. How does Levi respond? Does he hesitate,think about what this might entail, ask for a few days to think about it? The text tells us that he simply got up and went. He just walked away, leaving everything behind, and went and followed Jesus.

Was that the end of the story? Not quite, as the following verse tells us that Levi held a great party at his house in Jesus' honour and invited all his friends and famil to come and meet Jesus. We don't know exactly what happened next: whether Levi became a permanent disciple, following Jesus around and learning from Him, or whether he simply provided hospitality while Jesus was in his town and gave up his work for the duration. The name Levi doesn't appear in the list of the twelve disciples that Jesus chose to be apostles (sent out ones), so it might be that the latter is more likely.

What Luke wants to tell us about is Levi's instant response. Without qualm or quibble, he left what he was doing immediately Jesus called him and then provided an opportunity for more people like himself to come and experience Jesus. Do we do the same?

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