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Friday, 25 October 2019

Luke 9:11

Luke 9:11 When the crowds learned it, they followed Him, and He welcomed them and spoke to them of the kingdom of God and cured those who had need of healing.

Jesus had just taken the disciples away to a quiet place after a heavy ministry trip so that they could debrief and have some quiet teaching before moving on, but the crowd insisted on coming along too. How does Jesus respond? Does He send them away, ask them to wait for a few hours while He (and the disciples) catch some breath or a quick nap? No, He welcomes them. He teaches them. He heals everyone who needed healing.

We don't all get folk following us around when we have been busy, but it's all too easy when we have been working hard and the 'phone rings to be short and refuse to give people a proper response. At a human level this can be very challenging, but next time it happens to you, ask yourself how Jesus responded and whether He is calling you to do the same.

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