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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Isaiah 41:19

Isaiah 41:19 I will put in the wilderness the cedar, the acacia, the myrtle, and the olive. I will set in the desert the cypress, the plane and the pine together

As the water becomes available, so trees will grow; there will be fruitfulness, luxurient blooms and signs of plenty. The combinations are unusual too: the cedar and the olive would not normally grow together, nor the plane tree and the pine. Yet in God's plenty and provision, the right habitat for each will be found next door to each other and there will be a lushness and verdant fullness to surprise and delight!

Posted By Jonathan, 5:00am Comment Comments: 1

Tuesday, 21 July 2020
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The Day of the Lord approaches:

Ezekiel 47:9 NIV Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live.

Posted By Edward Bishop Sr 01:00pm