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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Luke 24:25

Luke 24:25 Jesus said to them, "O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!

Jesus is speaking to the two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus. They have just told Him, not knowing who He was, about how their hopes of Jesus being the Messiah had been dashed by His crucifixion in the last few days.

The Greek text uses the word 'heavy' where the (ESV) translation above uses 'slow'. Do you ever feel like that? Your heart is just so slow and heavy that you cannot see the truth about someone or a situation even when it is staring you in the face.

The things is that Jesus is staring you right in the face and is asking you why you are so reluctant to believe everything the prophets have spoken: about His return, about the final judgement, about the role of Israel His people.

When are we going to take Him and His word seriousy and starting taking these things as future (not so future, in some cases) reality and prepare for His return?

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