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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Lamentations 1:18

Lamentations 1:18 The LORD is in the right, for I have rebelled against His word; but hear, all you peoples, and see my suffering; my young women and my young men have gone into captivity.

Here is an open confession. Judah and Jerusalem have sinned against the Lord; they have taken Him for granted and ignored His word. The result, apart from the destruction of the city? That all the young people have been taken away: young men and young women - those that would have been the next generation, the future and lifeblood of the country.

Does that sound familiar or remind you of any current situations? The only possible response is confession, admission of sins, accepting that the Lord's word has been ignored, used as a talisman and abused, but never obeyed and honoured.

The city looks desolate. Repent before it gets worse.

Posted By Jonathan, 6:05am Comment Comments: 1

Wednesday, 11 November 2020
Comment -

How appropriate at a time when so much praise is being given to 'man' for finding a supposed vaccine against Covid with not even a mention of where such knowledge comes from. When will we learn to acknowledge the Lord in everything? Then He will really release His blessings upon us.

Posted By Chris Roe 09:17am