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Spreading The Word Online is developing a range of products and ways for getting the Word out and being read in churches and congregations around the world. These include daily, weekly, guided and themed sets of Bible readings to help us all to read and think about the Bible and its Author more in our daily lives. All our subscriptions will be kept very low to enable people, churches and congregations of all levels of income to be able to share in the resources we produce and distribute.

These products will be available on a subscription basis for yourself, on a gift basis to be able to bless and encourage someone else you know, and on a sponsorship basis to bless individuals and leaders who need help and support in their ministries around the world.

Our first product is Verse of the Day - Plus, an all-in-one daily reading and study package, built around a daily verse, commentary and scholarly quotes, with an interactive facebook discussion group and an audio track. It is delivered to you each day by desktop or mobile friendly email. You can see the full details here.

If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of providing sponsored subscriptions; of being part of helping people come to faith and congregations to grow and mature; of helping harrassed, busy and even persecuted pastors to teach their congregations the words of life; of helping the church to come to a rightly balanced understanding of the whole word of God; and of helping the Body of Messiah to reach maturity in and through the Word, please click here to send us a donation to help support our work.